SafeKiddie facilitates having discussions about accountability. Personal accountability is to acknowledge and assume responsibility for one’s actions and decisions and includes the obligation to explain and answer for those decisions.

When a parent, partner, or friend works with someone to monitor their web browsing activities, it will affect which websites are visited and which are avoided.

SafeKiddie’s reports and alerts help manage the process of monitoring Internet browsing activities.  Combined with Internet filtering, SafeKiddie allows Internet browsing to be managed and reported. And, you can block web browsing during specific times of day and/or create customized lists of websites to always block or always allow.

SafeKiddie identifies and reports on websites that are potentially inappropriate. These reports can be viewed anytime in the SafeKiddie Admin Console.

In short, these tools make it easy to talk about the challenges faced when browsing online.

Get the peace of mind that comes from monitoring the sites a child, partner, or spouse visits while knowing that SafeKiddie will block inappropriate web pages as well.

Personal Internet accountability begins with activity reports that facilitate discussion — with the goal to make better decisions about Internet use.