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When your kids are spending time online; make sure to keep them protected. Parental control software offers visibility into your children’s online activity to help you understand their digital habits and keep them safe while they use the Internet. With Safe Kiddie®, you can monitor your family’s digital habits and protect them from harmful content with the most trusted tool available to parents.

What Is Parental Control Software?

Parental controls are software that helps parents filter, monitor, and control their family’s online activity. Many families utilize parental control software as a tool to help keep their kids safe from dangerous or inappropriate online content that may not be safe for them to view. Parental controls can:

Three Reasons Why Your Family Needs Parental Controls

If you’re not familiar with parental control software, learn the 3 reasons why this might be right for your family:

  1. To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

    Kids are exposed to many exciting, but also dangerous things on the Internet. With parental controls, you can limit their exposure to adult content and allow them access to safe websites and healthy online services.

  2. To Manage Screen Time

    Are you constantly fighting about screen time in your house? With
    Safe Kiddie®, you can set time limits for your child’s device usage and only allow them access to the Internet when you choose.

  3. To Have Visibility to Online Activity

    It’s impossible to monitor kids’ online activity at all times, but with parental control software, you have visibility to their Internet use. With Safe Kiddie ®, you can allow, alert or block websites from being viewed and receive notifications in the Safe Kiddie®Family Feed of your child’s activity in real-time.

How Does Safe Kiddie® Parental Control Software Work?

Safe Kiddie® uses a dynamic Internet filter to contextually analyze the content of a webpage. This top-rated technology has allowed millions of families to limit the amount of inappropriate content their children are exposed to, while still allowing their family to access the beneficial websites available on the Internet.

By analyzing the content of a webpage in real-time, Safe Kiddie ’s #1-Rated Internet filter is able to provide Internet protection for your family the instant a website is loaded. This means that Safe Kiddie ’s Internet filtering is able to keep up with the fast-moving world of the Internet and can keep your kids safe while they are online, giving parents peace of mind.

How To Set Parental Controls For Your Family’s Devices

Many electronic devices have built-in parental control software that can help you limit your child’s online use. However, these native parental controls only work on each device it’s installed on and rarely communicates with other devices. For families that have multiple phones, tablets and gaming consoles, this can mean spending a lot of time setting up parental controls on different interfaces, each with different instructions and a varying level of protection. Look for a parental control solution like Safe Kiddie® that can be a singular solution to keep your child safe on their Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or PC.

How To Set Native Parental Controls On Individual Devices

To learn how to set up the native parent controls on each of your family’s devices, see our helpful step-by-step guides below:

Operating Systems
Whether you are an Apple or an Android family, use these how-to guides to protect your family with parental controls on your device.

How to Set Parental Controls for Android
How to Set Parental Controls for iPhones and iPads
How to Set Parental Controls for Windows 10

Tablets & Chromebooks
Take parental controls on the go with your tablet or Chromebook’s native settings. Check out these tutorials below to learn how to enable parental control settings on these devices.

How to Set Parental Controls for Kindle
How to Set Parental Controls for Chromebook

Video Games and Gaming Consoles
Many gaming consoles have their own native parental control settings. Follow these step-by-step tutorials to learn how to enable settings on your child’s gaming consoles.

How to Set Parental Controls for Nintendo Switch
How to Set Parental Controls for XBOX
How to Set Parental Controls for PS4
How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

Social Media and Video Streaming
Monitoring social media can be difficult for parents and not all channels have native parental controls available. Read the guide below to learn how to set enable parental settings.

How to Set Parental Controls for YouTube
How to Set Netflix Parental Controls
How to Set Xfinity Parental Controls

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