Child Internet protection must start with you.

SafeKiddie® uses email alerts to let you know immediately if your child is attempting to view an inappropriate website or if your child is contacted by a person intending harm.

Parents know that visibility into a kid's online activities is essential to allow a timely response to issues. Taking action immediately is much better than knowing about threats or inappropriate behavior days or weeks later.

Parental controls help parents to best monitor and allow children access to web sites. For example, if a child wants to ask for permission to a website that is blocked, that request will trigger an alert for the parent. The parent can then remotely approve (or override) the blocked page to allow the child access.

The Dashboard shows the following (circles added for emphasis below):

  • Alerts: View links to Alerts for your license and subscription status. (top left)
  • This Week’s Activity: View the total number of web pages blocked and warned for the week. (top right)
  • Top Blocked Domains: View the Top Blocked Domains, which is a list of the web sites by category most often blocked during the past week. (left side)
  • Web Events: View Web Events, which is a list of the web site categories blocked during the past week. (right side, middle)